What is it?

Tweettronics both listens and measures what people are saying. It listens to the conversations you want to hear about on Twitter, and it analyzes and reports the general sentiment, who is participating, and how impactful they are.

Active listening and measuring helps you to understand your customers and engage in relevant discussions. Identifying influencers helps you to understand how your message is being shaped, and to build relationships with potential brand evangelists.

Tweettronics provides insights through Sentiment Analysis, Common Phrase Detection, Most Frequent URLs Mentioned, User Impact, and Reach, and other analytics together with profiles and influence assessment of individual Twitter speakers.

With an archive of select, historical Tweets, you can gain insights and confirm trends by looking at past results.

Quickly perform competitive analysis comparing your results with that of competiing brands, and assess the relative performance between one region and another.

What Can I Do With It?

Tweettronics helps you to measure and monitor the efficacy of PR campaigns on Twitter.

Tweettronics helps you to track the buzz of candidates for elections.

Tweettronics helps you to understand what features are working or not for products.

Tweettronics helps you to supplement or even supplant user surveys and focus groups.

Isn't Twitter Search Enough?

If you have a search with a lot of results, you will not get them all with Twitter search. Tweettronics is always listening on your behalf.

After seven days Twitter search results disappear. Tweettronics preserves all tweets found.

Tweettronics provides access to an archive of searches with data going back as much as 90 days.

Tweettronics provides more than a list of tweets. It provides tools that quickly assess many factors, including the general sentiment of tweets, the impact of authors, the common phrases used, and more.

Clean charts and data are provided for your use in your business.

Tweet history provides you insight into the past and can be compared with the results from competitors.

Why not use Hootsuite, Seesmic, Tweetdeck, SocialOopmh, etc?

These are great clients, but they aren't brand monitoring or listening tools. They're great for authoring and reading tweets.

Tweettronics, on the other hand, analyzes tweet content and is designed to present it's analysis to you so that you can gain insight about the overall conversation and those participating in it.

There are free analytics tools out there. What makes Tweettronics different?

Many of these focus on those analytics that help you to increase your follower count or make it easier to tweet often. They are about improving your twitter engagement behavior.

On the other hand, Tweettronics is about focusing on listening and understanding what conversations as a whole, and identifying trends. It helps you to identify what is talked about and by whom.

Tweettronics is focused on providing a comprehensive set of tools and analysis tuned to the needs of PR, Ad agencies, and SEO/SMO needs

Tweettronics has been reliably running since 2009, and has data extending back years. Plus check our uptime

Leading agencies and businesses use us. For example, Citysearch and Molotov.

What about other paid listening tools like Radian6?

We are focused on Twitter. You will get deeper analysis more cost-effectively from Tweettronics.

We are far, far, far, far cheaper. You pay one fee, for unlimited quantity. If you want to pay per result, then choose Radian6.

We are smaller and more responsive. Let us know what you need and we can produce it for you.

I'm a brand manager, how can it help me with my clients?

You can quickly create brand and product searches related to the clients you serve, or clients you would like to win over.

You can locate history and compare select brands and products that will help you track your marketing results.

You can quickly gain insights about brands and products to aid your sell of services to them.

Compare what is being said about competing brands and products with yours.

Compare what is being said in different cities and regions.