Tweettronics provides powerful brand monitoring
  and influence metrics that are simple to use.


Brand Monitoring:

Influence Analysis:

  • Speaker influence assessement
  • Speaker characterization:
     Listening & communication behavior, Follower & Friend counts,
     rank within the Twitterverse

Brand Monitoring Reports:

  • Trend reportsw with interactive charts of:
    Tweet volume, Speaker count, Emotional tone
  • Trends include 5 and 10 day moving averages
  • Trend Alerts: Receive email alerts for changing trends in:
     tweet volume, sentiment, and reach
  • Reach report: the brands most influential speakers & the
     maximum number of impressions it has made
  • Phrases and Words Report: from thousands of tweets
     identifies the most mentioned phrases and words, and those
     words and phrases that appear most in each of the positive and
     the negative tweets
  • Mentioned URL report: URLs mentioned are collected,
     and short URLs are looked up and lengthened,
     and most mentioned domains are provided
  • Report data can be downloaded in CSV format

Agency and Team Use:

  • Display your brand: in sales meetings &client presentations
  • Share the account by purchasing additional seats

Social Media API:

Other features:

  • Sentiment analysis:
     - English, Spanish, and Portuguese are supported
     - Sentiment classification can be modified
  • Search Filtering:
     - Filter out tweet spam, unwanted tweets, & unwanted speakers
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