Twitter is here to stay. You know it. Your clients know it.
Your move.


Adding Twitter metrics to your offerings will help you win more business, retain clients in a tightening market, and increase the depth and profitability of your offerings.


Our robust Twitter analytics engine delivers real-time market data. You create searches on behalf of your clients, and then


You can:

  • Monitor brands and do head-to-head comparisons
  • Use the alert feature to notify your client of sharp changes in consumer sentiment, volume, or reach
  • Distinguish performance between one city or region and another
  • Download pre-formatted charts and graphs to use in your materials
  • Download the raw data, if necessary, for further analysis
  • Identify most common positive phrases for SEO and SMO

Cost-effectively manage:

  • Many brand searches for many clients
  • High and low-volume searches
  • Tracking and reporting tasks